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Obagi Nu-Derm Fx® System – Normal to Oily

Skin-brightening system

Obagi Nu-Derm Fx System is a complete skincare routine system to help transform the look of your skin by noticeably evening out and brightening your complexion.

Obagi Nu-Derm Fx System for Normal to Oily Skin includes:

  1. Obagi Nu-Derm® Foaming Gel (200ml)

  2. Obagi Nu-Derm® Toner (200ml)

  3. Obagi Nu-Derm® Clear Fx (57g)

  4. Obagi Nu-Derm® Exfoderm Forte (57g)

  5. Obagi Hydrate® Facial Moisturizer (48g)

  6. Obagi Nu-Derm® Blend Fx (57g)

  7. Sun Shield™ Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (85g)


Size. 7 pieces

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The Obagi Nu-Derm Fx system contains seven hydroquinone-free products to help transform the skin’s appearance by brightening the complexion, revealing younger, healthier-looking skin.

Obagi Nu-Derm Fx System also helps improve these signs of skin aging for brighter, healthy-looking skin:

  • Dull complexion
  • Roughness
  • Age Spots
  • Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Key Ingredients


Nature-identical skin brightening agent and antioxidant. It can help to prevent and visibly diminish the appearance of uneven skin tone, leading to a more even complexion.

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